Relieving Lower Back Pain, Facing the Ignored SI Joint Cause

Do you also experience sharp shooting or nagging dull aches in your lower back in your daily life? Yet, few people realize that such pain can originate from a little-known corner of our body – the SI joint.

lower back pain from SI joint dysfunction

Let’s delve into how the SI joint can be the hidden culprit behind lower back pain and explore how tools and stretching exercises can effectively relieve this discomfort.

All about the SI joint

It’s estimated that 65-80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime. Pain relief is always elusive. In some cases, the source of the pain is not the back at all, but the SI (sacroiliac) joint.

Your body is a complex system, and a problem in one area can cause pain in another. The same applies to the SI joint.

Where is the SI joint?

The SI (sacroiliac) joint connects the hip bones to the sacrum, the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine. Several sacral ligaments and pelvic muscles support the SI joint. These joints allow you to bend forwarsacroiliacd and backward and absorb shocks from the upper body.

Although your SI joints are surrounded by supportive muscles and ligaments, problems can arise if you overstrain or fatigue them.

What’s the connection between the SI joint and lower back pain?

Located near the tail end of the spine, the SI joint is one of the key connections in our body, supporting our entire body weight while being responsible for cushioning and transferring the stress of lower body activities. It plays a vital role.

Overuse of the SI joint can lead to instability, causing pain. On the other hand, underuse can cause muscle tension, limited activity, leading to pain. SI joint-induced pain typically reflects in the lower back and buttocks and sometimes radiates to the back of the thigh. This type of pain has strong similarities to discogenic or facet joint-originating lower back pain.

This is why many people overlook that the root of their back pain is the SI joint. However, understanding how SI joint issues affect lower back pain can offer new insights for seeking effective relief. Proper massage and stretching exercises can help adjust the posture of the SI joint, thereby relieving pain.

A woman lies on a yoga mat, puts the Acu-hump under the SI Joint, swings one leg, relieves sciatica lower back pain

How to help your buttocks and lower back?

This is the value of Acu-hump. Acu-hump is a tool specifically designed to help you release the pressure of the SI joint, with its unique design and negative pressure effect, helping to relax the muscles around the SI joint, promote local blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve tissue blood supply.

Massage Nubs Deep Press into Muscle Knots

At the same time, combined with the detailed stretching routine provided by Acu-hump, you can gradually restore the position of the SI joint, relieve lower back pain, and regain comfort and vitality.

How to use Acu-hump to relieve SI joint pain?

When your SI joint causes your backache, you can start with the most conservative measures.

Place the Acu-hump on the ground, then lie down. Start by aligning it with your lower back, gradually moving the Acu-hump toward your buttocks. Let Acu-hump’s massage humps compress the muscles around the SI joint sequentially, allowing them to relax and regain elasticity, thus helping to realign the SI joint into its correct position.

a female self massage trigger points in hips and lower back with Acu-hump

When you use it for the first time, you may feel pain from the pressure. The more severe your issues, such as the tighter your muscles, the more intense pain you will get from Acu-hump. At this point, you should start with a small amount. With increased use, this condition will gradually ease.

Once you’re accustomed to Acu-hump and feel up to it, you can incorporate stretching movements. It is divided into 2 levels: beginners and master class.


With a single simple movement, improve the recovery speed of your body.


Of course, a systematic tutorial can provide a more thorough recovery for your back! It not only relaxes your SI joint but also relieves the pressure on your intervertebral discs, releases the lower back muscles, loosen your buttocks (piriformis and glute), and relaxes your hamstrings.

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