young women lie down on the Acu-hump sciatica trigger point massager for piriformis syndrome relief

Acu-hump® Massage Hip and Buttock for Pain Relief

Acu-hump Sciatica Massager is the #1 solution for release deep muscle tightness and tension in your hip and piriformis.

Fix Your Lower Back and Buttock Pain

Acu-hump Sciatica Stretcher is a deep tissue massager tool that provides relief for sciatica pain in the hip, buttocks and back. The Acu-hump can be used on the lower back to the hips to provide relief from muscle tension and sciatic nerve pain.

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Get relief from sciatica, piriformis syndrome, hip pain, and lower back pain without drugs or surgery.

Acu-hump relieve lower back pain

Sciatica Pain

A cyclist with lower back pain

Piriformis Syndrome

A fit man si joint pain

Hip Pain & SI Joint Pain

Feeling pain in the lower back while driving, the driver puts his hands on his lower back

Lower Back Pain

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reviewer Momma at the lake

October 20, 2022

Worth the Price. Feels so good.

I’ve had on/off sciatica and piriformis issues over the years, and general tight hip stuff going on. As an ultrarunner this is already making a big difference in my flexibility around my hips/butt…

E. Bredhold
October 30, 2022

Hip stretch

I deal with sciatica and back pain. I’ve used several stretching devices for my back and always wished I could use them on my lower back and hips more. So, this is perfect… I will continue using it to stretch and relieve tension. I can’t say it’s fixed it, but it certainly will help!

reviewer Momma at the lake

April 28, 2023

Great for home, office or car use!

Ok, so I’ve had this thing since October. I was a little intimidated to try it. Now I’m kicking myself for staring at it for 6 months! …

But for myself, I IMMEDIATELY felt putting it on my lower back/hip area is going to be my sweet spot! Just 20 seconds of use, I felt so much better! The tension in my lower back was released enough where I could tell right away…


Reaches deep tissue rather than massage at the superficial muscle

Acu-hump glute massager's acupressure nubs and hump design photos

Hump designed for stretching muscles

When the muscle is subjected to adverse stimulation (such as sprain, contusion, inflammation, etc.), the filaments will contracture and shorten, causing muscle tension. This design gently stretches previously contracted filaments, thereby relieving muscle tension.

Acu-hump's acupressure nubs can deeply compress the piriformis muscle

Bring more oxygen and nutrients to your muscle​

Symmetrical 14 trigger points nubs are based on the principle that pressure applied to deep tissue can activate the nervous system and release muscle konts. That help to relieve your muscles, reduce tension and improve circulation.

A woman puts Acu-hump under her hip joint, like she is enjoying an acupressure massage from a masseur

14 trigger points nubs inspired by the fingers of a chiropractor

Deep tissue trigger points are at the root of many muscle pain and nerve pain. Usually, a chiropractor or massage therapist is needed to press on these areas to release tension. Now the Acu-hump is like your individual chiropractor, giving you a compression buttock massage for sciatica through your body weight anytime you lie down.


Consistently use it for 5-10 minutes a day, massaging your lower back and buttocks.

A woman places the Acu-hump on the floor and sits on it to perform glute muscle massages and hamstrings stretches
A woman places an Acu-hump on an office chair and sits on it to massage her tight buttocks after long periods of sitting


Acu-hump sciatica stretcher is easy to use and provides relief from the pain of sciatica, piriformis muscle syndrome, hip pain, and tightness in the buttock.

A doctor is examining a patient suffering from hip and butt pain
There are many people who suffer from hip and buttock pain, but there are no tools specifically designed for deep tissue massage. Acu-hump is designed to provide relief for the millions of people who suffer these symptoms.
Acu-hump sciatica massager helps get rid of sciatica pain in lower back to buttocks
The design of the sciatica massager is based on feedback from people who have had sciatica pain or who have been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome.
A woman is using the Acu-hump Sciatica Trigger Point Massager to self-massage the deep tissues of her buttocks
Acu-hump sciatica trigger point massager is a portable and ergonomic glute massager tool. It is designed to mimic a chiropractor’s fingers, and it can be used to apply pressure points therapy on the affected area that allows you to self-massage deep tissue.


Muscle Release & Deep Tissue Massage

Acu-hump help discomfort when sitting
Discomfort when sitting
Acu-hump relieve lower back pain
Lower back pain
Acu-hump relieve burning pain at the butts
Burning pain at the butts
Acu-hump release tightness in the hip and buttock
Tightness in the hip and buttock
An elderly man on crutches experiences pain and numbness from his hips to his knees
Pain during hip and knee movement

Customer Reviews

Helps so much

This massager alleviates my sciatica pain and I am so thankful for it.

Workin’ Mom

Great in my easy chair

I use it for lumbar adjustment. While watching TV I slowly wriggle around and it seems to relax my lower back.

MS Globetrotter

Unique massager that feels great!

I find that the more unique a massager is, the better and this one does not disappoint! … It’s really good for my back, legs, and neck. I hadn’t thought of a massager for my glutes, but it’s surprisingly feels good there too. The key is once you settle on the massager, rotate your weight side-to-side to get some pinpoint deep tissue massage. This is a great addition to your massage toolbox!

Dog Dad

Great for SI issues

It’s a simplistic design with lots of options. I like it small footprint for storage. I primarily use this for my SI pain. The nubs apply pressure in the right areas to provide relief, however initially there is pain while using. It also works great for my lower back and you can flip it around to apply diffrent pressure. Also works great as a stretching tool.


Acu-hump as seen on medias

Acu-hump: 30-day return policy.

You have no risk.