Do These 6 Magic Movements Every Night to Fix Your Buttock Pain

Buttock muscle pain can be unbearable, but effective solutions can provide short-term relief and long-lasting comfort. Let me tell you what to do.

Woman hand holding her buttock cheek because sitting pain, glute pain, piriformis syndrome, sciatica

Indulge in smartphone, sitting and running, activities that initially brought us joy in our daily lives, have evolved into the root cause of enduring buttock pain. And often, we overlook the reasons behind this pain.

Why does your buttock hurt?

When you sit or run for long periods of time, the muscles in your buttocks become tight and spasmed due to overuse, leading to the occurrence of pain.

In severe cases, you may experience buttock pain when standing or lying down, accompanied by symptoms of lower back and leg numbness. This may be deep gluteal syndrome.

What is the gluteal tendinopathy?

It is a type of sciatica pain in the buttocks.

It is caused by tension and inflammation in the deep muscles of the buttocks (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus), including piriformis syndrome (compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve), hip joint lesions, and pinched nerve entrapment.

can weak glutes cause piriformis syndrome

What causes pain in the buttocks?

Anatomical abnormalities, trauma, inflammation, prolonged sitting, incorrect posture, muscle tension, pelvic instability, overuse of buttock muscles, and muscle strength imbalances can all cause buttock pain.

While you may not always be able to avoid discomfort, you can all be proactive and take targeted measures to prevent being overwhelmed by pain.

How to relieve buttock pain?

We will categorize the causes of pain to provide you with answers.

1st category:

anatomical abnormalities, trauma, and inflammation.

When pain occurs, rest is the main focus, and the cold and heat therapy can help with recovery. If it causes sciatic nerve pain, medication may be used for relief. Massage and cupping are rarely used in these 3 cases.

Acu-hump Helps Running Pain and Sitting Pain

2nd category:

prolonged sitting, overuse of buttock muscles, and muscle strength imbalances.

Different parts of your body are interconnected and mutually affect each other. Weakness or overuse of one muscle will cause compensatory changes in the related muscles. Therefore, this category mainly includes physical therapy, including massage, stretching exercises, yoga, and muscle strength training.

doctor tests piriformis syndrome

Do you know a little secret?

The best way to relieve pain in this category is not muscle relaxants, surgery, or rest. It happens to be something that almost everyone can do for free at home.

How to fix tight glutes for good

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about stretching! It is a practice that loosens tension in the buttock muscles to restore overall flexibility.

A woman is doing a figure 4 piriformis stretch on a yoga mat with Acu-hump sciatica massage tool

If you have tried performing various glute stretching poses without achieving the desired results, then you can’t miss the following content.

To release tight buttock muscles, it takes more than just a few stretching steps. Once you master this method, you will protect your lower body in unprecedented ways, greatly improving your butt health! It will not only reduce pain and tissue stiffness, but also improve your energy, mobility, and overall functionality, making daily activities easier.

supine piriformis pain stretch for sciatica relief with Acu-hump

The beauty of this method is that it is simple and easily accessible if you know what tools to use. This is where my simple 6-step guide comes in.

You only need 10 minutes and a little floor space to relieve your weak and sore glutes and turn them into a strong unit to support and protect your entire body.

You will receive a color printed stretching booklet inside the package box, providing clear instructions on the stretching steps and key points.

How to get rid of sciatica pain in buttocks

The best part? You can achieve the combined effects of massage and stretching without prior exercise experience.

Simply scan the QR code on the package box using the Amazon app to access an exclusive stretching demonstration video. Even beginners can easily master the techniques.

If this isn’t magic, I don’t know what is!

No time to waste, let’s delve into how to unlock your glutes with Acu-hump.

A female supine on the floor, with Acu-hump massage tool under her buttocks, it deeply presses buttock muscles to relieve tight muscles

Your buttocks deserve the blueprint for life.

This guide is specifically designed for those with tight buttock muscles who are beginners in stretching or lack information in this area. If you have a history of severe injury or chronic illness, please do your due diligence and consult a trusted health professional before starting the following routine. I cannot emphasize enough how important this 1st step is!

For those who want to maintain the vitality of their buttock muscles, consider doing this plan 3-4 times a week. When performing the reps, focus on committing to slow and controlled form. It’s all about functional strength and stability, so listen carefully to your body, be patient, and push to your maximum pain-free range of motion.

Acu-hump stretching routine lower back psoas piriformis SI joint hamstrings

You may be surprised to find that many popular exercises (push-ups, squats, etc.) are not included in this list. These exercises are not bad exercises, but they shouldn’t be everything. For this routine, we will start with these exercises and address some overlooked muscle and movement patterns around the buttocks. This will definitely help with injury prevention and performance!

The design of this plan considers a graded exposure approach, starting with simple activations and then progressively releasing tension in the lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings. If you have tried buttock stretches without results, then give this structured plan a try.

Deep tissue massage for glutes

You simply lie on the Acu-hump, with its 14 humps deeply pressing into your muscles, like a therapist’s fingers releasing muscle knots.

Your muscles will benefit from this deep tissue massage, increasing blood circulation, both during sustained and stationary deep pressure. The vitality of your glute muscles will also be restored.

Massage Nubs Deep Press into Muscle Knots

The pressure from Acu-hump is intense.

When I 1st started, I could only lie for 30s at a time and felt intense pain in my back. This was all due to muscle stiffness. I allowed myself to progress slowly. I endured the pain and persisted, and after 10 days, my muscles gradually loosened, and the initial pain I felt when using it was gone.

Once you adapt to this level of pressure, start following the instructions for simple stretching movements. This set of exercises was developed by experienced physical therapists and stretching experts and is simple yet effective.

A woman is lying on the floor at home with an Acu-hump on her lower back, massaging and stretching the QL muscles

No more searching for stretching solutions, this one is effective!

Are you ready to take your stretching skills to a new level?

This stretching plan considers the lower back, core muscles, and hamstring muscles associated with the buttocks. In the next 10 minutes, through 6 movements, your buttocks will experience overall relaxation.

Get your Acu-hump and start relieving!

It is available on Amazon with a 30-day full refund policy, so you have nothing to lose.

sciatica stretches and exercises with acuhump massage stretcher

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What if Acu-hump is exactly what you need?

Acu-hump reviewer

Great for home, office or car use!

Ok, so I’ve had this thing since October. I was a little intimidated to try it. Now I’m kicking myself for staring at it for 6 months! …

You can use it while on the floor, a bed or couch depending on your preferences and the amount of stability you want or can take…

But for myself, I IMMEDIATELY felt putting it on my lower back/hip area is going to be my sweet spot! Just 20 seconds of use, I felt so much better! The tension in my lower back was released enough where I could tell right away. I can’t wait to see how good I feel when I get my time laying on it up to 10 minutes…

Buttock pain is a common problem that affects the daily lives of many individuals. By gaining an understanding of the causes of buttock pain and deep gluteal syndrome, we can adopt the right approach to get rid of the pain and enhance our quality of life.

Always remember this Acu-hump method and seek professional help when needed. Whether sitting, lying down, standing, or running, pay attention to the health of your buttocks and keep them comfortable and free.

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