Acu-hump Sciatica Massager Relieves Pain in Buttocks and Lower Back


Butt and Lower Back Release: Achieve muscle pain relief and posture correction through targeted treatment for hip, glute, and lower back muscles. Our innovative approach helps muscle fatigue, overuse, and poor posture, providing effective relief.
Pressure Point Massage: Experience a deep tissue massage like never before with our 14 strategically placed pressure point massage bumps. These bumps target trigger points and muscle knots, providing targeted relief for sciatic nerve pain in the lower back and hip.
Hump Stretching: Our unique hump design combines acupressure massage with gentle stretching to promote myofascial release. This aids in reaching optimal performance levels in various settings, be it your daily activities, office work, workouts, golfing, or running.
Optimal Firmness: Our device utilizes 14 tough massage bumps to effectively press deep tissue. The moderate firmness ensures a powerful massage experience, without discomfort to your bones. The more muscle knots in your lower back and hips, the stronger the pressure you’ll feel for a thorough relief.
Revitalize Your Life: Rediscover vitality with our Acu-hump acupressure massage that targets sciatica pain in the hip and buttocks, lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, deep gluteal syndrome, SI joint pain, and pelvic pain. This non-electric solution provides relief and restores your zest for life.

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a women lying down on the Acu-hump

Sciatica Massage Tool

Relieve Pain in the Lower Back, Butt, Hip, Glute, Piriformis, SI Joint, Pelvic, Sacrum

Discover an effective solution for alleviating lower back, butt, hip, glute, piriformis, SI joint, pelvic, and sacrum pain with our innovative Acu-hump pressure point massage tool. Targeting trigger points and pressure points, this device delivers deep tissue release and promotes flexibility and relaxation.

Say goodbye to sciatica discomfort and muscle tightness as you incorporate our pressure point massage tool into your self-care routine. Experience the benefits of this powerful solution and regain mobility and comfort.


Release Tension with Acupressure Massage

The Acu-hump is inspired by the skilled fingers of a masseur, aiming to replicate the shape and firmness for a deep, effective massage experience. Strategically placed with 14 trigger point bumps, it effectively targets and relieves muscle tension.

Get rid of discomfort and pain in the buttocks and lower back with your very own in-house masseur. No appointments necessary, relax your tightened muscles anytime, anywhere.


14 pressure point rear of body for lower back and sciatica
Target these 14 Pressure Points

Ingenious Acupressure Device for Precise and Targeted Relief

Experience the power of the Acu-hump sciatica massager, designed to precisely target and stimulate 14 pressure points, also known as acupressure points. By applying pressure to these specific points, you may find relief from various issues and discomfort.

Please note that the effects of Acu-hump may vary among individuals, as each person’s body responds differently. However, by incorporating the Acu-hump sciatica massager into your self-care routine, you open the door to potential relief and improved well-being.

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Acu-hump sciatica massage tool humps design features

Targeted pain relief for:

Not an instant overnight fix. Need to persist.

  • Sciatica Pain
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Hip and Butt Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sacroiliac/SI Joint Dysfunction
  • Deep Gluteal Syndrome
  • Pelvic Pain, Sacrum Pain
  • Conditions Occurring from Overuse


supine piriformis pain stretch for sciatica relief with Acu-hump

Sciatica Pain Relief by Targeting the Piriformis Muscle

If you’re experiencing pain or numbness in your buttocks or down the back of your leg, it could be due to tightness in your piriformis muscle compressing the sciatic nerve. Our Acu-hump sciatica massager offers a solution by specifically targeting the piriformis muscle.

Simply lie or sit on the massager to release compression on the sciatic nerve and alleviate discomfort. Gain the benefits of targeted relief and regain your freedom from sciatica pain. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a pain-free life with our sciatica massager.


Acu-hump helps running pain sitting pain

Revitalize Your Life with the Acu-hump

The Acu-hump t is designed to bring vitality to anyone who carries tension in their daily activities. Whether you’re doing housework, sitting at a desk all day, a new mother, into sports training, gardening, or even enduring long flights or drives, our product is truly a must-have.

Don’t let the toll of everyday activities hold you back. The Acu-hump is here to provide the relief you need. Invest in your well-being and unlock the door to a more vibrant and pain-free life. Get the difference today!


A woman is sitting at a desk with an Acu-hump sciatica massage tool on it, she can use Acu-hump to work easily and happily without suffering pain from lower back and butt

Lasting Relief for Your Lower Back and Butt

The Acu-hump sciatica massager is designed to provide consistent relief when used in conjunction with stretching exercises outlined in the provided instructions.

Using the massager is simple, but it does require perseverance. When initially using the product, you may experience some discomfort as tight muscles are targeted and relaxed. However, as you continue to use it regularly, you will notice a decrease in this sensation, indicating the alleviation of tension and the soothing of your muscles.

Embrace the journey towards a pain-free life and empower yourself with the Acu-hump sciatica massager. Unlock lasting relief and embrace the comfort you deserve. Start your transformative experience today.


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