Massage Tool for Sciatica Pain Relief in Hip and Buttock

Acu-hump Sciatica stretcher is the #1 solution foreliminating deep muscle tightness and tension in your hip and buttock.

About Us

I'm a product designer, and my sedentary work pattern is causing sciatica pain problems. Once they hit, I can't easily do my work in front of the computer. Even when I travel, the pain spreads to the buttock and makes it difficult for me to walk. Massage alone can't fix them.

Until I met Sniff, a physical therapist/chiropractor, on a trip. He made me lie on his knees to stretch my intervertebral disc (lower back) and massaged my piriformis muscle (buttock) with his fingers. It made me feel more relaxed than ever.

I wanted to pack him in my suitcase and take him home. Obviously, this cannot. So I invited Sniff to work with me. Together we designed the Acu-hump inspired by knee stretch and finger massage.

Now you can be your own advocate, you have the Acu-hump you need to free yourself from pain.


Muscle Release & Deep Tissue Massage

Discomfort when sitting

Lower back pain

Burning pain at the buttocks

Tightness in the hip and buttocks

Pain during hip and knee movement