How Acu-hump Helps herniated disc

Acu-hump sciatica stretcher massage and stretch piriformis muscle for sciatic nerve pain in buttocks relief

Do you fall asleep more easily on the floor than on a mattress? If you're suffering from back pain and find it difficult to sleep, then Acu-hump might be the solution to your issues.

When we bend over, the lumbar spine compresses the discs. Sitting for long periods of time, a physically demanding job, and poor posture are all common causes that lead to a herniated disc. It usually occurs at L4-L5 located in the lower back, and may be accompanied by butt pain. Relieve these discomforts with massage therapy and yoga exercises. But these ways do not provide relief anytime, anywhere.

Does Acu-hump really work?

Relaxed muscles provide better support for the lumbar spine, and proper spine posture curbs bad tendencies. The slope of the Acu-hump helps restore the optimal curvature of the spine. When you lie down on the Acu-hump, you will not only get the spine curvature of the yoga movement, but also get a surprise that 14 massage bumps of muscles to relax.

Is the Acu-hump different from the others?

The middle protects the spine, and the massage bumps on both sides are used to press the muscles on both sides of the spine. Relieve discomfort through external force.

The 14 massage bumps target 14 acupressure points in the lower back and butt. These points are used to relieve issues such as lower back pain, hip pain, leg numbness, and butt pain. Offers acupressure therapy during muscle relaxation.

Can a herniated lumbar disc be cured?

Acu-hump relieves discomfort and makes you feel relaxed. However, after you carry heavy objects and other activities that load the lumbar spine, you may still experience back pain.

What symptoms does it apply to?

Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, back pain.

How long will it take to be effective?

4-5 days will feel less pain at the pressing point and will improve after 2 weeks.


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