Massage Tool for Sciatica Pain Relief in Hip and Buttock

Acu-hump Sciatica stretcher is the #1 solution foreliminating deep muscle tightness and tension in your hip and buttock.

What is the Acu-hump?

Acu-hump is an innovative massage tool that design mimics the fingers of a massage therapist.

How is the Acu-hump different from a massage ball or foam roller?

Acu-hump uses targeted acupressure massage to help loosen up knots and relieve pain in all those pesky issue areas.

What is it for?

Looking for some relief from lower back pain, hip pain, or butt pain? Check out Acu-hump!

What time to use?

Before you go to bed, when you wake up, when you feel tired or pain.

How do I use Acu-hump? How long do I use the Acu-hump for?

Lie on a hard floor and place it under the problem area. Just 5-10 minutes with Acu-hump and you'll feel like new!

How does the Acu-hump affect my back/hip/butt?

  1. Hump Design: restore the curvature of the lumbar spine, stretch the muscles gently

  2. 14 bumps: deep press to relax tight muscles

  3. Pressure point massage: hits acupressure points

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a natural healing practice that massages pressure points in order to promote healing and relieve pain. Originating in ancient China, body issues can be relieved by applying pressure to certain points along the meridians using the lower back, hip, or even butt. So if you're looking for a natural way to manage chronic pain or improve your overall well-being, Acu-hump may be just what you need.

Pressure point for lower back pain relief: BL23, BL52, BL22, BL54, BL36

Pressure point for hip pain relief: GB30

Pressure Point for sciatica/piriformis syndrome relief: BL23, GB30, BL54, BL36

Pressure Point for leg numbness relief: BL36, EX-B7

Acu-hump sciatica stretcher massage acupressure points for pain relief in lower back, hip, and butt


Muscle Release & Deep Tissue Massage

Discomfort when sitting

Lower back pain

Burning pain at the buttocks

Tightness in the hip and buttocks

Pain during hip and knee movement